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Animal brown horse

Professional Groom Skills Program

NQF Level 2:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of equine welfare                     

  • Demonstrate an understanding of equine hoof care            

  • Organize & monitor feeding & watering of equines                     

  • Prepare an equine for a show                                   

  • Restrain an equine                                        

  • Tack up an equine                                        

  • Investigate work opportunities in order to make a personal employment or work decision      

  • Verify compliance to safety health & environmental requirements in the work place      

  • Clip an equine                                         

  • Demonstrate an understanding of ancillary tack for the equine                

  • Recognize & manage stable & unmounted vices in equines                ​

  • Elective Specialization: Optional

    • Develop Riding Proficiency  

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