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Meet The Team


Rosemarie Bartlett

Our Founder, Director, Senior Lecturer, Assessor, Coach and Master Equitation Judge. Rosemarie trained in the UK and Europe and regularly enhances her professional development through completion of the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) level 2, 3 coach, specialist coach & tutor courses. She recently completed her Masters in Management in Technology & Innovation and is in the process of publishing her thesis – “An Exploration of Mentorship for Equestrian Coaches in South Africa”.

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Nicky Bartlett

Our Deputy Director, Head of Programmes, Assessor and Coach. Nicky is an International Level 2 Coach, and a National Equitation Judge, with a Postgraduate Degree in Education.


Cheney Smith

Our Senior Facilitator, Cheney is also a qualified assessor and moderator.

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